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Note: Please make sure your account's LP gain is inputted accurately by reviewing your previous games. We understand LP gain is variable, but you should know if you get atleast 11 LP a game. If your account's LP gain is lower than 11, you will be automatically put on per win boosting. I agree that the entered information is accurate to my knowledge and I agree to's terms of use.

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Per Win Boosting

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Note: Please double check your account's LP gain per win, by reviewing your match history, in your League of Legends profile. If your account's LP-gain-per-win is lower than what you selected, additional payment will be needed to complete your boosting.l the entered information is accurate and I agree to your terms of use.

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Have you always wanted to play with people near your skill level but could never get pass the seemly endless amount of trolls? Do you think your time is more valuable than grinding low elo matches, when you just want to play with the pros? Our boosters are here to help. With years of experience under our belts, we will boost your account fast and efficiently. You'll be lucky to see a loss on your match history! Our services are currently available for NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, BR, LAN, and LAS servers. Feel free to contact us on livechat or add our skype for 24/7 instant support!

Reasons to buy Elo boosting services from EloBoosts:

If you choose us you will be choosing the fastest and most reliable Elo Boosting service. We have better service, better boosters and better support than any other website and here are some reasons why:

  • Instant Support. Unlike other sites, we have a English speaking livechat to immediately cater to your needs. Have a question? Ask away, our customer support agents are here to serve you!
  • Trustworthiness. With hundreds of jobs completed on various online forums , we assure you that your account is in safe hands. Our reputation on other forums can be tarnished by even one unsatisfied customer and we screen our boosters thoroughly before we allow them to play on your account. knows that you have spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars on your account and we strive to ensure that your account is in good hands.
  • Quality. Unlike other elo boosting companies, we do not allow just anyone to work for us. Not only are all of our players Diamond or higher, each has to prove their capability to boost. If a booster is unable to perform at our standards, we do not let them continue to work for us.
  • Contact with Booster. We offer a chat system that allows you to communicate with your booster. There you can post and respond to messages such as: RP/IP spending, pausing an order, tipping a booster, and even arrange a rune page/mastery page makeover. Also, you are free to make a smurf account or use Lolnexus to spectate the games played by your booster!
  • Watch and learn. You can spectate the games played by us with a secondary account. If it is not already added to your main account leave us a message with your summoner name.
  • Security. We have completed thousands of orders and have no received even a single ban. Our boosters will NEVER get a report for toxicity on your account. We also do not keep any record of your account. Once the job is done, the information is gone. Along with this, we offer free VPN use, appear offline, and even a screenshot of your promotion to show to your friends!

Buying divisions and tiers:

Buying divisions and tiers: When you choose the division and tiers option, our booster will play on your account until he completes the order. In order to qualify for this option, you must get at least 11 LP a game or your account will be automatically transitioned to the net wins option. If you are ordering 3 or more divisions you may not be subject to the LP rule. Contact livechat if you have any questions regarding qualifying for full division boosting!

Buying wins:

Another option is buying net wins. Sometimes you may only need a couple of games to complete your series and buying wins is definitely a cheaper option. When you order wins, each loss is a -1 win. If you order 10 wins and your booster loses 2, the booster will have to 12 games to make up for the losses. Losses in promotional series do not count as a loss unless the booster loses the series. If your MMR is significantly higher than your division/tier, then your balance (purchase price) will be credited for each division according to division boosting prices. That is, if you are Bronze 3 and ordered a 10 win boost which costs $30, and you get into Bronze 2 in 4 games, the division price of $25 will be deducted from your balance and then your remaining wins will be calculated from that. Another feature of this option is the ability to pause your order. When your order is paused, you can play as many ranked games as you would like, but bear in mind that if you achieve a higher division than what you ordered in, we will recalculate how many wins you have left based on your balance.

How to order:

Step one:
Use the price calculator to fill in your current Solo/Duo Queue League, Division and LP gain. If you do not know this information you can do the following:

  • Estimate how much LP per game you get on a regular basis.
  • Input your current League and division. If you do not put the correct information your boost will not start.
  • LP gains are variable, as we start boosting your account your account's hidden MMR should rise, but if you start getting less than 11 LP during the boost, you will be put on net wins.

Fill in your your desired end boost to the left where it says: "current standing". Then select your desired new rank to the right where it says: "Desired standing".

Step two:
Make sure that the information you have entered is correct, and that agree to's terms of service before purchasing (the order total will be displayed on the purchase button and will act as a checkout button.).

Step three:
You will then be redirected to fill out a form that contains your League of Legends information and your personal contact information. During the process you will create a username and password that you will use to track progress in our member's area.

Step four:
After filling out these forms, you will be redirected to Paypal where you can choose your payment option (Guest checkout or log onto your Paypal account). Please remember that even if you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay with a credit or debit card through the guest checkout. PayPal is the a trusted payments processor on the internet and your information will be completely safe with them. We also accept Moneygram, Western Union, Paypal Cash Cards, Moneypak, Moneybookers, and other options. Feel free to inquire livechat for other accepted payment options.

Final step:
Once you have finished paying for your elo boost your registration will be complete and you will be able to login to our member's area and contact your booster and see progress on your boost, pause our service (if you need to play with your friends or do anything on the account).

How it works?:

From now on your account open to available to’s professional players, and within 24 hours a booster will be assigned to your account. There will only be one booster on your account throughout the entire boost, unless you decide to change your booster. This way your account will only have 1 I.P. address, so no flags will be raised due to constant I.P. changes. Bear in mind, Riot has not banned a single one of our customer's accounts, so your account will be completed promptly and safely. If requested, our boosters can use a VPN, but in all honesty, this action would arouse more suspicion, as no ordinary person would play on a VPN. Even so, if it makes you feel more comfortable our boosters will happily oblige and use a VPN when boosting your account.

We screen our boosters carefuly for toxic behavior. We have not seen a single tribunal case in over 1,000 orders. Our boosters will also never use any RP without your express consent and will never mention to your buddies that you are being elo boosted. We also offer the appear offline feature, that away your friends will not even know that you are online. Although our members area tracks progress, it must be edited manually by your booster. Real time updates can be found on sites like Lol Nexus and Lolking . You can also make a smurf account to spectate games via the in game client. Our boosters pride themselves on being fast and efficient. Usually each division takes 1-2 days depending on your LP gains. This is an estimate, not a guarantee - our boosters will strive to please you and finish the job as fast as possible.


1. You will not chargeback. If you make any attempts to chargeback a payment, we will report your account to Riot along with lolreplays and other evidence.

2. If you get less than 12 LP a game and you purchased the guaranteed divisions/tier boosting, you will be moved to our net win option.

3. Do not log on your account without contacting live chat after placing your order. If we get kicked out of a game, we will move you to net win option.

4. We are not affiliated with Riot Games in any way and are simply selling our time as a service in accordance to 17 U.S.C. § 512(k) of 17 U.S.C. § 512(k)(1) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA“). Any designated trademarks and brands, logos, and intellectual property are the property of their respective owners.